Hey, I'm Drew 🖖🏻

Thanks for checking out my website! I am a UI/UX Design Engineer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love to design forward thinking, thoughtful, and exciting interfaces and experiences for mobile, desktop and the web...and I like to build them too!

Design Philosophy

When it comes to design, regardless of medium, I favor minimalism and the idea that less is more. Heavy focus on heirarchy and user journey backed by data are at the core of my style and philosophy. I love to push the boundries of convention in a way that creates a pleasing, yet familiar journey through any product I am working on.

Design Tools

Today, I work through most of my design process in Figma. Prototypes are managed in Figma or a code sandbox like CodePen if there is substantial interaction design. Icons and graphics are handled in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop respectively. Finally, for any 3D work or animations I prefer to work in Cinema4D using Octane Render.

Engineering Tools

My primary language is JavaScript, specifically TypeScript. These days I spend most of my time in React working with a wide range of libraries including NextJS, Stitches for styled components, Recoil for state managment, Framer Motion for all the good animations, React Spring for that springy touch and...there's too many more but you get the idea.

Projects →